What visitors are saying about HOUSE 2015

We’ve been listening to a range of audience feedback to various HOUSE 2015 exhibitions.

Responses to Joseph Popper’s The Same Face:

> [a father to his child] Do you want one of these in your bedroom?

I want my own drone to control to blow up things..

> [two friends] This reminds me of something… this is YOU at the controls in your house… it’s so funny, this really sums you up. [the other friend, in response, gesturing to the red buttons] …and these would be the missile launchers.

What’s really weird is the whole thing’s like something out of Dr Who.

As a child I used to have a joystick identical to this one – it’s weird not to be able to touch it.

It’s really hard not to touch it – with all those red buttons.

If you pressed a button here it would be terrible.

It’s a wicked space to put it the installation in.

I love the way you’ve got different layers of the surrounding walls exposed.



We’ve seen some really interesting things today.

It would have had more power if it was real photographs

It’s not Dr Who-like it’s Blue Peter-like, and it’s very gendered, like model railways. It makes you want to fiddle with it. It’s very much a boys thing to make. I’m liking it more now we’ve talked about it.


Responses to Nathan Coley’s Portraits of Dissension:

It’s a very formative space… it doesn’t take anything away from the artwork.

I like the way you don’t realise until you go around the back… the things that have happened to it… the things that made it successful.

This is beautiful.


Response to Amanda Loomes’ Relict Material:

She must have asked really good questions because the answers weren’t benign, like what’s your favourite aggregate? – Sand. We really loved that Amanda Loomes one, didn’t we…