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HOUSE Biennial 2017

HOUSE Biennial takes place from 30 September – 5 November 2017. Responding to this year’s theme of Excess, artists Laura Ford, Natasha Caruana, Anthony Stevens, Andrew Omoding and Becky Warnock will present work across Brighton and Hove alongside a programme of films and events.

Film Programme

For the HOUSE Biennial film programme, Invited Artist Laura Ford has selected a series of films, each of which tells a story laying bare the iniquities of Excess.

Together the five films span a range from the decadent social codes codes in 18th Century England, via the morality free world of 1950’s America newspapermen, to a contemporary sense of entitlement, hypocrisy and the corruption of a decaying European aristocracy. Through an exposé of the hedonism of the wealthy middle-aged and the imbalances and excesses of gross capitalism, the films reveal the greed and wealth of a society from which nothing positive can come.

Accompanying the programme of feature films is a series of short films that make connections with Ford’s selection, curated by Sarah Watson and Will Hanekom of the Oska Bright Film Festival.

On 26th October, Laura Ford and Celia Davies, HOUSE Biennial Curator, will hold an In Conversation exploring Ford’s film selection and its relationship with her new commission.

Upcoming Talks, Screenings & Events:

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