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Phoenix Brighton
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4 May – 10 June, Wed to Sun 11.00 – 17.00
(open 18 & 19 May until 21.00)

Helene Kazan’s mixed media installation for HOUSE 2012 is based around the research and methodology developed in the making of her short film Masking Tape Intervention: Lebanon 1989.

The film is entirely generated from a single archive photograph taken of the kitchen in the flat where her family lived, just before their migration in 1989, during the Lebanese civil war. From this archive photograph, 1,690 images were generated to make up the four minute and fifty second stop frame animation.

Each image occupies a single moment within a day, narrated by a testimony which outlines the specific pressures that led to the family’s decision to emigrate. The film enables a theoretical framework and point of reference for each of the components that will be exhibited as part of the labyrinthine installation.

This includes the original archive photographs, alongside the scale model and drawings developed from the original photograph of the kitchen. As part of the project, Helene will be at the exhibition on 19th May and 9th June from 3pm – 5pm, performing and recording further aspects of the research. As part of the project and its investigation into our emotional relationship with the domestic environment, viewers will be invited to share their own thoughts, memories and personal artefacts in response to the project and its investigation into our emotional relationship with the everyday architecture of the home.

Helene Kazan

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